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Anglicantaonga, 14th February 2018 | 19-Feb-2018
Samoa Observer, 17th February 2018
Uafato and neighbouring villages in Fagaloa Bay can look forward to a brand new road and a seawall.
| 19-Feb-2018
Fiji Time Online 17th February 2018 | 19-Feb-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 17th Feburary 2018 | 19-Feb-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 17th February 2018 | 19-Feb-2018
6th February 2018
An Australian company says a coal industry in Papua New Guinea would provide the cheap electricity the country needs to develop.
| 08-Feb-2018
TECHNOLOGY that detects Upper Atmospheric (Ionospheric) changes during earthquakes and tropical cyclones was installed at the | 08-Feb-2018
CONSERVATION and agriculture officers from around the country were reminded of the valuable knowledge and the importance of the land care concept. | 08-Feb-2018
WMO Press Release 30th January 2018
| 07-Feb-2018
Fiji Time 5th February 2018
WO hundred and fifty media and climate change experts from the Asia and Pacific regions meet in Nadi this week to discuss ways to use the media to build resilient communities.
| 07-Feb-2018
SPREP 5th February 2018
2017 ended on a positive note for the Met Office of Tokelau with the re-establishment of a fully functional office for Tokelau in December.
| 07-Feb-2018
31 January 2018
CHANGES in the marine ecosystem and fish poisoning are the result of climate change in Fiji and the South Pacific.
| 06-Feb-2018
31st January 2018
Size usually speaks volumes when it comes to moxie. The United States, Russia, China and even Canada with its sprawling landscape, are countries we think of as having the ability to change political mindset.
But tiny New Zealand?
| 06-Feb-2018
30 January 2018
GOVERNMENT plans are in place to address flooding in Nadi and other preparatory works to reduce the impacts of climate change in Fiji.
| 06-Feb-2018
The rising acidity of the oceans threatens coral reefs by making it harder for corals to build their skeletons. | 06-Feb-2018
A high school in Tuvalu has won an international award which will help reduce its use of fossil fuels.
Motufoua Secondary School won the Oceania category in the Global High School section of this year's Zayed Future Energy Prize, a competition promoting energy solutions in Abu Dhabi.
| 06-Feb-2018
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation 29th January 2018 | 30-Jan-2018
Dateline Pacific 29th January 2018
Pacific people have learned about a variety of new technologies to fight mosquito-borne illnesses. (24-26 Jan). A conference in Auckland showcased new tools to help better manage disease carrying mosquitos and reduce related illnesses.
| 30-Jan-2018
Samoa Observer 27th January 2018
More than 15 women gathered at the Tanoa Tusital Hotel board room on Friday for the Women in Climate Change Roundtable symposium. 
| 29-Jan-2018