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Asia Pacific Report 13th April 2018
Bearing Witness climate change project students won big last night at the annual awards ceremony for AUT’s School of Communication Studies last night.
| 17-Apr-2018
BBC News 13th April 2018
The global shipping industry has for the first time agreed to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases.
| 17-Apr-2018 12th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018
Devdiscourse 12th April 2018
Out of the 815 million people that suffered from hunger in 2016, 490 million, or 60 percent, live in Asia and the Pacific.
| 17-Apr-2018
Fiji Sun Online 11th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018
Devdiscourse 12th April 2018
The urgency of legal modernization to support the low-carbon transition is greatest in Asia and the Pacific. 
| 17-Apr-2018
Solomon Times Online 11th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018
Post Courier 11th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018
RNZ 9th April 2018 | 11-Apr-2018
Asia Pacific Report 10th April 2018
Two postgraduate students on the Pacific Media Centre’s Bearing Witness climate change projectare due to jet to Fiji this weekend.
| 11-Apr-2018
ReliefWeb 8th April 2018
WFP/Government of the Marshall Islands News Release
| 11-Apr-2018
Samoa Observer 8th April 2018 | 11-Apr-2018
Asia Pacific Report, 6th April 2018 | 10-Apr-2018
BBC 3rd April 2018
Fiji's prime minister has said the Pacific island nation is in "a fight for survival" as climate change brings "almost constant" deadly cyclones.
| 10-Apr-2018
Fiji Times Online, 1st April 2018
Fiji is set to lose $2.4 billion per annum from 2050 onwards as a result of our depleting marine ecosystem.
| 10-Apr-2018
The Diplomat 30th March 2018 | 10-Apr-2018
Fiji Times Online 29th March 2018 | 10-Apr-2018
Samoa Observer 29th March 2018
World Water and Forests Day was celebrated in Samoa on Tuesday.
| 10-Apr-2018
RNZ 29th March 2018
Pacific women and their challenges in coping with climate change have been highlighted in a new Commonwealth anthology.
| 10-Apr-2018
The Guam Daily Post, 29th March 2018
Guam's leaders took the stage Wednesday to advocate for continuous efforts toward island sustainability during the opening of the 9th Conference on Island Sustainability at the Hyatt Regency Guam.
| 10-Apr-2018
Fiji Times Online 28th March 2018
A study released by OXFAM International revealed between January to September last year about 14.12 million people globally had been displaced as a result of extreme weather patterns.
| 09-Apr-2018
Devdiscourse 28th March 2018
The Virtual Reality (VR) film project that has shared Fiji’s climate change story with the world is set to return home to Fiji in April 2018.
| 09-Apr-2018
ReliefWeb 28th March 2018 | 09-Apr-2018