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Fiji Times 28th January 2018 | 29-Jan-2018
Fiji Times, 26th January 2018 | 29-Jan-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 26th January, 2018
The vehicles will be given to the Western, Central and Northern Divisions for activities at the seven project sites.
| 29-Jan-2018
Fiji Sun Online 26th January 2018
New development initiatives, if unchecked, can pose harm to people and reduce the intended good.
| 29-Jan-2018
Fiji Times Friday, January 26, 2018 | 29-Jan-2018
AN ONLINE platform to facilitate the Talanoa Dialogue, touted by Fiji in Bonn, Germany last year as the best way to get the planet in a conversation about making the Paris Agreement a reality, went live yesterday. | 29-Jan-2018
Five of the world’s top 15 countries vulnerable to | 14-Dec-2017
SYDNEY - With ocean levels rising in recent decades due to the warming planet, one of the most direct effects has been on the residents of low-lying Pacific nations where coasts have been subsiding and some islands have disappeared. | 11-Dec-2017
When Cyclone Evan slammed into Samoa five years ago next week, it triggered the near-complete loss of power and | 11-Dec-2017
Civil society leaders from more than 100 countries called for action on | 11-Dec-2017
In its latest Pacific Economic Monitor the Bank said changes were needed now to mitigate disaster risks to improve the region's economic growth and development prospects, | 11-Dec-2017
SUVA, FIJI — Vulnerable communities uprooted by climate change are being left out of a voluntary pact to deal with migration, campaigners said, after the United States pulled out of the global deal. | 08-Dec-2017
The FINANCIAL -- Countries in the Pacific should step up their efforts to adapt to more extreme weather conditions and mitigate disaster risks to improve the region’s economic growth and | 08-Dec-2017
Nairobi, Dec 4 (IANS) He’s young and the hope for millions of islanders across the globe for whom the nutrient-rich water technology for sustainable | 06-Dec-2017
SUVA, Fiji, Dec 5 2017 (IPS) - It’s a busy week for movers, shakers and policymakers attending a global gathering of civil society activists here in Fiji. For the first time, the International Civil Society Week (ICSW) is holding its sessions in the Pacific. | 06-Dec-2017
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told former US Vice President Al Gore that New Zealand has a history of standing up on big issues, and climate change is the one at the moment. | 06-Dec-2017
One of U.S.' nuclear waste sites, located in Enewetak Atoll, west of the Marshall Islands, which is halfway between Australia and Hawaii and home to a small population of Indigenous people is being submerged leading to leaks from the buried toxic waste, Australia's ABC News reported. | 06-Dec-2017
The release of Australia’s new Foreign Policy White Paper last week has provided a solid signal as to how Australia sees itself approaching the world in the forthcoming decades. | 05-Dec-2017
MAJURO (Taiwan News) – In May 2016, the Reuters news service reported findings from Australian researchers that five small islands of the Solomon Islands had disappeared because of rising sea level and erosion; these submerged islands were, fortunately, uninhabited by human beings. | 01-Dec-2017
The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced in January of 2017 the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund — a $50 million program that supports the | 01-Dec-2017
We have to address climate change at all levels, the Attorney-General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum stressed yesterday. | 01-Dec-2017
The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo- | 28-Nov-2017
A fellowship programme which focuses on strengthening the institutional capacity for the | 28-Nov-2017