Demonstrate ways in which communities are vulnerable to hazards and

Les îles du Vanuatu sont exposées à des conditions d’extrême sécheresse ou de pluies intenses en raison des perturbations créées par
El Niño et La Niña.

Ol aelan blong Vanuatu oli save experiensem ol taem we i drae from El Niño moa wetwet tumas from La Niña. Ol taem olsem, wetem ol kaen weta olsem saeklon i save spoilem wota, kakai, infrastrakja (olsem haos mo rod), laef mo helt blong ol man. Be gudfala infomesen, woning wetem klaemet fokast i save helpem yumi blong save mo mekem ol man i redi from ol had taem we oli stap kam yet.

The visual guide has 16 colourful illustrated pictures showing the water cycle, Pacific and global

An animation and toolkit which raises awareness of the science and impacts of El Niño and La Niña and encourages Pacific Islanders to take early action in preparing for these extreme events. The film stars a comical and highly resilient crab and follows her escapades across the Pacific.