TE KANIVA: Tuvalu Climate Change Policy 2012 (English version)


Te Kaniva (Tuvalu Climate Change Policy) prescribes the Government and the people of Tuvalu’s strategic polices for responding to climate change impacts and related disaster risks over the next 10 years (2012-€“2021). The Policy defines seven thematic goals, strategies and desired outcomes that the Government and the people of Tuvalu have prioritised for implementation to ensure that safety and resilience are achieved. 

The Policy is directly linked to the National Strategic Action Plan for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (NSAP). In both the policy and NSAP, climate change refers to both adaptation and mitigation unless specifically differentiated. The Policy covers climate change impacts and related climate and hydrological hazards whereas the NSAP covers geological and anthropological hazards and related disasters.

This Policy is '€˜cross cutting'€ meaning that climate change impacts affect every development sector and Tuvaluans way of life. Thus its implementation (refer NSAP) should be integrated into all the sectors and thematic areas of Te Kakeega II and all community and islands development.

Publication Year
2 012
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labour
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