SPREP 5th February 2018

2017 ended on a positive note for the Met Office of Tokelau with the re-establishment of a fully functional office for Tokelau in December.

The Pacific Meteorological Desk Partnership (PMDP) officially handed over Meteorological instruments to the newly established Met office of Tokelau, leading to the re-establishment of Meteorological monitoring programs for the island atoll.

"Climate change is the principal concern for the Pacific and its people. Changes in the climate as we have witnessed through natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, heavy rainfall events, flooding, droughts and increasing sea levels continue to impact our way of life and national security," said Mr Latu.

As the global climate grows less predictable and extreme events become more common there is an increasing importance to understand the climate and its influences on every aspect of the lives of Pacific islanders. Hence the vital role of meteorological and climate services to Pacific islands.

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