Fiji Sun Online, 30th July 2018

The people of Nacula Village in the district of Nacula, Yasawa, extended its mangrove nursery with the planting of more than 180 mangrove seedlings.

This was their contribution to this year’s International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems, commemorated annually on July 26.

The mangrove activity was led by the young men of the village.

Nacula Village headman (turaga-ni-koro) Kemueli Naibilavou said: “We are grateful to be part of this mangrove planting even though we planted a small number. But if we continue to do more planting, it will all add up.

“The challenge now, is that we need to plant more mangroves and the community is ready to do that. Whatever it takes to help protect and further prevent our coastline from further erosion.

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