Fiji Times Online 28th March 2018

A study released by OXFAM International revealed between January to September last year about 14.12 million people globally had been displaced as a result of extreme weather patterns.

Of this more than 6.4 million were as a result of flood, 5.5 million because of storms, a further 1.89 million because of drought and more than 150,000 forced to leave their homes for other reasons.

Within the past decades every Small Island Developing States (SIDS) the island of Koro in the Lomaiviti Group and Fiji's sixth largest island has been the many recipients of the impact of climate change mainly adverse weather patterns.

Coastal erosion is forcing villagers to ponder their future whether to remain on the island or move to the urban centres. Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston not only destroyed their homes, but also destroyed many aspirations.

More than two years on and while the island is on the verge of returning to normalcy, many are still affected by the worst natural disaster to hit the island. Their dalo farm is back and in abundance, however the main crop yaqona will need another two to three years for maturity. There are still house yet to be built as families still remain in tents and make-shift shelters.

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