Fiji and Vanuatu are the two Pacific island countries that are featured as case studies in the new report by UNICEF titled ‘Thirsting for a Future: Water and Children in a Changing Climate’. This report was officially launched to mark the World Water Day 2017.

It highlights the challenges faced by the Pacific island countries and the need for advance planning to overcome vulnerability to water scarcity. Successful approaches trialled by these two countries include the formulation of Drinking Water Safety Plans for villages and communities to better manage and conserve potable water as an effective adaptation measure to climate change and climate variability. As a direct result, both countries are able to provide examples of clear benefits for undertaking proper planning that produces sustainable portable water and water supply systems for the local populace.

The report can be read via https://www.unicef.org/wash/waterandclimate/?utm_source=unicef_network&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=water_climate

Children play 'hide and seek' in a graveyard on Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean. Massive coastal erosion has caused many coconut trees to fall down. Islanders face coastal erosion, surface flooding, and saltwater intrusion into soil and groundwater. (UNICEF)


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