Samoa Observer 19th February 2018

Imagine not having access to a consistent supply of water for the family’s everyday use over fifteen years.

Imagine sleeping every night knowing that they are going to make two to three trips back and forth, to fetch water in the scorching sun next morning, just to get by on a daily basis the next day.  

For the past 15 years, since Fesolai Alo and his family, have been living inland at Leala’ali’i,  Faleasiu, it has been an everyday struggle for him and his children to make those trips in order for their family to get water

 “We have had some good days when it rains so it saves us a trip for the day,” Mr. Alo says. 

“But on not so good days, it is a struggle for me and my family to try and save the little water that we are able to collect. This is very hard especially for a family of 10 adults and four children.”

The good news is that Mr. Alo will no longer have to do that.

Earlier in 2017, C.S.S.P. worked with Fatuaiupu Consult, S.U.N.G.O. and S.B.E.C. to assist the 15 additional villages pre-selected under the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (P.P.C.R) to access funds up to $50,000 for village development projects.

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