The Climate Change Cook Islands and the Cook Islands National Council of Women are currently working with SPREP to develop a training programme, to prepare the Cook Islands delegation and other interested negotiators for 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22), which will be held in Marrakesh in November this year.

SPREP is working with Climate Change Cook Islands, with other partners, to develop a training programme for Cook Islands climate change negotiators.  This workshop will be held in Rarotonga, the week of August 8th.  This will not only provide an opportunity to brief the delegation on key technical issues such as climate finance and the issue of loss and damage from the impacts of climate change but will also focus on specific negotiation skill sets, such as the drafting of decisions and the preparation of delegation briefing documents.

SPREP has a long history of providing such training workshops to Pacific Island countries, which compliments the additional training programmes carried out at the regional level. By holding these national programmes, it allows an opportunity to tailor the programme more to the specific priorities of a country, and also allows for a wider range of stakeholders to participate.

Melina Tuiravakai, Cook Island Representative (Photo credit: Diane McFadzien) 

For more information on this workshop, please contact Diane McFadzien (dianem@sprep.org)

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