Samoa Observer 26th April 2018

The Pacific climate warriors are in Samoa for their Pacific fossil free gathering. All around the world, different communities and groups that come under the umbrella of 350.org come together to have their own fossil free gathering.

According to Samoa’s Pacific Climate Warrior, Brianna Fruean, this retreat is the first time that they’ve had a regional gathering in Samoa. “Normally we will meet up in Fiji but the team here in Samoa did a real push that we share it amongst the countries,” said Brianna. 

“Having it here in Samoa is very special because our past leader was also Samoan.  It also showed that Fiji is passing the baton to Samoa and gives team Samoa an opportunity to step up.”

Pacific Climate Warrior, Fenton Lutunatabua, of Fiji, told the Samoa Observer the focus for this gathering was mainly about growing their collective, as well as deciding what their next move entailed.

Mr. Lutunatabua’s journey with the Pacific Climate warriors began in 2013 when he met other global youth leaders like Brianna at a global climate event in Instanbul. Together with 15 other Pacific Islanders, they realised that they shared common view and values.

“When we met, we realised that the story told about the Pacific Islands in the climate discourse was inauthentic to them,” said Mr. Lutunatabua. 

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